Cosmus Redefining Beauty Since 2019


Convictional Not Conventional.

I always loved to be.

We have been conditioned to accept things we are told and act a certain way. We think it’s our family or the surrounding that influences us. 


It is what we let our eyes see and what our ears listen to that influence us.

And that is why skin care is subjective…

Growing up in a Kerala household with a family of pharmacists and doctors, it was very clear to me. Chemicals are not always bad, Natural is not always safe but a balance of both is the best. 

Just like us, We are organic beings made up of inorganic compounds like water. 

This is what led me to my journey of finding a holistic approach to living and I came across the concept of Wabi Sabi. A beautiful Zen concept that prompts us to embrace the natural ways of life.

My life

I was always bathed in turmeric and coconut oil. A staple in a Malayali household, no matter what amount of apothecary you practise. And it was an important lesson parted to me by my father, that everything is good in the amount that is presented in Nature. The important factors to keep in mind is that we do not overuse it and we recreate it in the most suitable environment. 

Why recreate ?

We do not create anything. We take from nature, even chemicals, and recreate it into something new that is more suitable for us.

So what causes people to make such extreme choices ? 

The need to control things that are not in their control. A lack of acceptance.

Certain things in our life can’t be controlled, like aging. However, it can be slowed down. And that is what we need to work on. A firm belief that birthed Cosmus. 

Everything we want, we manifest it – we create it – we educate about it.

Redefining Beauty since 2019

Our History

Founded in Paris
During covid we started working with our laboratories in France and Japan to create a skincare range focused on gentle care
Released our first collection of Skincare products focusing on hyperpigmentation, dehydration, dark spots, acne prevention, anti aging and brightening! A one stop solution for all!
We were a little skincare tool store
Worked on multiple prototypes, tested and reformulated. Got certified and registered our brand in India

Our Mission

At Cosmus Skincare, our goal is to establish a nurturing space for all enthusiasts of skincare. Through advanced formulations incorporating High Performance Japanese ingredients and S.M.A.R.T. technology, we offer effective solutions designed for lasting results.

新・美の定義  meaning Redefining Beauty is at the core of our mission.

Our Philosophy

A Wabi Sabi inspired outlook to skincare, we preach the Zen teaching 吾 唯 足 知


When we can be satisfied with not only who we are but what we can do as well as what we have, we can be content.

Our Products

COSMUS SKINCARE is built on the ideology of Wabi Sabi, a philosophy of beauty and appreciation of simplicity and imperfection.

Our formulators create formulas that abide by this philosophy, beautiful elixirs that respect nature.

The ultimate objective is to create products that empower the skin to achieve optimal health, promoting self-sufficiency and reducing dependency on external interventions. Our commitment lies in creating solutions that not only tackle immediate concerns but also contribute to the long-term well-being of the skin.

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